Games.Mail.ru is an immense upcoming entertainment platform with publishing tools and promotion services — everything you need for a smooth and successful launch of your game.
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Key features

Integration with Games.My.com & Publishing worldwide
Single developer account to publish your game for European, US and CIS markets
Authorization options relevant for each territory, including Facebook & Gmail
Numerous payment options providing the smoothest customer experience and providing developers with detailed transaction reports
Marketing tools to highlight your game among others


Quick integration — in 5 business days (at most).
Simple publishing with fully featured test environment powered by GamеСenter

Key Metrics

  • More than 12.5 million active users a month (MAU)
  • Average revenue per paying user (ARPPU) – $20
  • 100+ free to play games in the portfolio
  • 600+ paid games within the digital distribution platform

Available Services

  • Loyalty program
  • Diverse community which unites gamers and developers
  • Modern communication tools
  • … and even a dating service ;)


Our brand-new launcher allows users to easily manage their favorite games, join an extensive community of like-minded players, communicate with their teammates and friends, record and stream their gameplay.

Game downloads run at the fastest speeds through P2P, updates load passively and resume automatically in the event of a disconnection.

The GameCenter has over 8 million monthly active users, with a standard 1.8 million peak concurrent users.

Marketing your games

There is a variety of marketing tools available to Games.My.com developers, including but not limited to promotions, special offers, notifications, advertising, email marketing, and branding.

  • The ‘Recommended’ section is the face of the home page. It is formed through project monetization, allows to hold A/B testing of art, and serves as the main source of traffic for gaming projects.
  • The cross-platform slider between Games.Mail.ru, Games.My.com and GameCenter allows you to customize the positioning of your gaming projects within those platforms depending on their financial efficiency. More than 20 million slides demonstrated per month with an average CTR of 2.5%.
  • A separate segment for promotions within games allows targeting registered players. More than 15 million slides per month with an average CTR of over 5%.
  • The alert system is designed to send messages to user lists with the option of splitting users into groups.
  • Launching banner campaigns. Ample variety of formats and sizes. Optional prioritization based on project monetization. Perfect instrument for boosting project traffic.
  • Your own platform for email marketing. Supports all types of mailing. Additional channel for communicating with users. Automation options include trigger emails, auto-reply, SPLIT testing, letter threads, etc. Optional web and GameCenter notifications. A simple integration into the system with technical assistance for domain configuration (DKIM, DMARC).

Awesome features coming soon

Sell and buy loot from other gamers! Make some cash from the stuff you have, or get your hands on that rare item to get the edge you need. Barter with other players or transfer assets between different games – it’s all here.
A dedicated esports platform to organize community tournaments and pro events. A software solution for organizers to hold tournaments, and for players to get that experience right from the game.
Free marketing platform with predictive analytics based on raw data. With channel attribution and cohort based analysis with ROI calculation and LTV prediction.
Games.My.com, Games.Mail.ru and GameCenter players will receive loyalty points and status upgrades for completing tasks. These points can then be exchanged for goodies in our special ‘Game Store’.