Чит-коды для Postal 2

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Чит-коды для Postal 2, которые дают преимущества в игре

Покопавшись в UnrealEngine скриптах игры Postal2 нашёл много интересных функций.

1) Сохранение.

Неограниченное число сохранённых игр:

"savegame xx", где xx - номер слота сохранения из диапазона int (0-2147483647).Номера 0-10 доступны через меню сохранения. (9- quick save, 10 - autosave).

Загрузка сохранённой игры:

"goto ?load=xx"


"SwitchToBestWeapon" - переключение на лучшее оружие.

"ShowRadar" - показать радар.



"stat all" - показывает кучу информации.

"stat none" - прячет её.

"stat fps" - переключение отображения счётчика кадров в секунду.


Разрешаются читы в файле POstal2.ini секция Postal2Game.P2GameInfoSingle,ключ bAllowCManager необходимо установить в True.Можно также использовать команду "Sissy" для переключения данного параметра вигре.

"ResetCops" - reset cops so you aren't wanted any more.

"ChangeDude" - Change player to opposite of his current morality.

"Goto " - go to the specified map. This should ALWAYS be used instead ofunreal's built-in "open" command.

"WarpToDay " - set the day you want to test and the current level willbe "reloaded" for that day.

"SetDay " - set the day you want to warp to. All errands before that day will becompleted, along with anything you're supposed to retain.

"SetAllErrandsComplete" - For testing, set all errands as complete. Turns onhate-player-groups too--Apocalypse!

"SetAllErrandsUnComplete" - reset all the errands and make hate groups not hateyou anymore. Warning!! May not work for 'write-in' errands!

"SetTodaysErrandsComplete" - set all of today's errands as complete Turns onhate-player-groups too.

"SetThisErrandComplete " - set this unique errand complete Turns on hate-player-groups too.


GetMilk, GetPaycheck, CachePaycheck, VisitPriest, GetSignatures, ReturnBook,GetGary, VisitDad,

Vote, GetTree, PickupLaundry, GetNapalm, GetKrotchy, GetSteaks, PayTicket,GetAlternator,PickupPackage, GivePresent, VisitClinic.

"MenuMode" - Cheat to toggle menu between "main" and "game" modes

"ShowGameInfo" - Type function name at the console to toggle the display ofdebug info.

"SetLogStates " - Set log stats. Setting 1 turns it on, setting > 1 turns it onand saves it setting 0 turns it off, setting < 0 turns it off and saves it.

"SetLogDialog " - same as SetLogStates.

"SetLogStasis " - same as SetLogStates.


"CountAll" - Count the total number of actors (dynamic and static) in the entirelevel.

"CountDynamic" - Count the total number dynamic actors in the level (one's thatdon't have bStatic set)

"GrantItem " - Give the player this item. (Inventory.KevlarInv,Inventory.CopClothesInv,Inventory.RocketCamInv, Inventory.ShotgunWeapon, Inventory.NapalmWeapon, etc.)


"GameSpeed " - Used to be slomo.. appropriately now it's gamespeed.

"Alamode" - Player goes in to god mode (toggle).

"PackNHeat" - Gives player every destructive weapon in the game.

"PayLoad" - Sets all current weapons to have lots of ammo.

"IAmSoLame" - Super-delux cheat gives you all weapons, with max ammo and turnsyou invincible.

"PiggyTreats" - Give player lots of doughnuts.

"JewsForJesus" - Give the player lots of cash.

"BoyAndHisDog" - Give player lots of dog treats.

"Jones" - Give player lots of health pipes.

"SwimWithFishes" - Give player all radar related items.

"FireInYourHole" - Say that you're using rocket cameras.

"IAmTheOne" - Give player lots of catnip.

"LotsAPussy" - Give player lots of cats.

"BlockMyAss" - Give player body armor.

"SmackDatAss" - Give player the gimp suit.

"IAmTheLaw" - Give player the cop clothes.

"Healthful" - Give player full health with several medkits.

"Whatchutalkinbout" - Turns every current non-player, bystander pawns into GaryColemans.

"Osama" - Turns every current non-player, bystander pawns into Fanatics.

"RockinCats" - Change any guns that can have cats on them to constantly have acat on and shoot off the cat everytime with a new one magically reappearing.

"DokkinCats" - Removes cat repeating guns (turns them back to normal versions).

"IFeelFree" - Ghost mode.

"LikeABirdy" - Fly mode.

"ResetFlying" - reset fly mode.


Some functions:

"BehindView "



"Teleport" - Teleport to surface player is looking at.

"ChangeSize " - Scale the player's size to be * default size


"SetCameraDist "

"FreeCamera "

Удачной игры в Postal 2!

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