Совет для Ultima Online

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Совет для Ultima Online

How to protect agains thieves?

If you carrying alot of gold or regs or alot of ingots you should keep your eyesopen thieves can steal this items to make it harder to steal try putting thisitems in corner of backpack and covering it with robes so thief will snoop youand see only robes even if he/she know about this trick he/she will have tostealrobes first this will give you some time to run away to attack thief who becomegrey ...

Дата выхода 25 сентября 1997 г.

Ultima Online

PC (Windows)
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Electronic Arts
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платная цифровая доставка
Дата выхода
25 сентября 1997 (PC (Windows))
Системные требования
P2 200 Mhz,RAM 32 Mb,Video 8 Mb,Win98/XP/Vista
P3 800 Mhz,RAM 64 Mb,Video 16 Mb,Win2000/XP
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